“Precision medicine is a better process for better predictions.”

Our Services

Circle Health Group provides comprehensive clinical services and genomic technologies across the entire continuum of drug development. With a precision medicine strategy, we can help you identify the right pathways, biomarkers and patient populations that will enable you to better predict the long-term safety and efficacy of your products. Better processes to help you predict long term efficacy.

Circle Health Group provides comprehensive product development services to deliver precision medicine solutions patients can count on. Together we offer end-to-end services like biomarker identification, validation, patient screening and more, we have precisely what you need to identify disease markers and patient populations to implement your precision medicine strategy.

Precision Medicine - A better process for better predictions

Leverage a deeper understanding of disease biology to select the right pathways and biomarkers. Select the right molecule for the right patient. Learn how Biopharma can adapt to the era of precision medicine. Accelerate the path to precision medicine. Let our experience and insights help you to avoid obstacles and optimize your path to developing new personalized medicines and associated diagnostics. Circle Health Group services span the development and commercialization spectrum. We can begin with biomarker identification programs in early development and then progressively develop candidate biomarkers into research-appropriate tests and market-ready companion diagnostics.

Market Access - Demonstrate a drug’s value to help accelerate access

Healthcare systems and a variety of stakeholders are demanding convincing value data to show improved outcomes before prescribing new drugs.   Circle Health Group uses strategic thinking with the ability to capture and analyze clinical data to effectively demonstrate real-world outcomes.  Circle Health Group then educates our field based sales teams who connect with physicians and healthcare professionals on a local level to help communicate each products value.

Market Access Strategy Market Access Implementation U.S. Reimbursement, Access & Distribution

Validate a pharmaceutical or medical product value and accelerate market entry more effectively with early development of your strategic approach. With a clear understanding of your stakeholders’ requirements, you can start collecting the best data to demonstrate potential outcomes and engage with them to get their support prior to a pharmaceutical product launch. As healthcare systems become more complex and payers' influence becomes more prominent, Circle Health Group can help you create and implement an integrated market access strategy to successfully target your message, gain adoption on formularies, and negotiate better pricing and reimbursement.

Oncology - Harnessing innovation to improve development

Oncology is a rich research environment. It’s also competitive, and changing at a rapid rate. New tools for mapping pathways and identifying biomarkers offer the promise of innovative, targeted therapies – and opportunities for differentiation – as long as they can be smoothly and smartly integrated into the development and commercialization process.

Combining scientific insight with a sales and marketing understanding

Circle Health Group offers a comprehensive suite of integrated oncology services, from strategic planning to regulatory experience and sales product launch experience and real-world product assessment. We tailor engagements to meet the unique needs of each project, so we can uncover and connect key insights, and offer superior delivery that leads to better outcomes.